Road Trip Games for Families

Road Trip Games for Families

Summer time means family time in our home! Our favorite way to spend quality time together is to go out and experience new things together. This makes road trips a pretty often occurrence in our household. I grew up in a family that worked for the airlines and had flight privileges. So, imagine my surprise when we were a young couple taking our first road trip. A few hours was torture for me! I needed entertainment and I didn’t want it in the form of playing on my phone! I wanted engagement with people in the car so as our family has grown and our trips have increased I am compiled our favorite games for families to play during road trips!

1. The ABC Game

This game could take many shapes and it not only passes time but it is great for kids to use their brains! You pick a topic and each family member takes a turn naming something with that letter. Example: The Food Game (apples, banana, carrot, dill pickles, etc..) But, you can choose any topic such as places, animals, occupations. Base it on your families interests and age levels. Even my two year old enjoys that she can participate!

2. Once Upon a Time…

This game always leaves my kids in stitches and often makes me scratch my head of how they thought of it! But, this game gives a unique insight into the minds of your mini travel mates! This game starts out with the beginning, “Once Upon a Time…” The first person sets up the story in one sentence. Each family member takes a turn in adding onto the story one sentence at a time. Our stories have ranged from adventurous tales of bravery, princesses that save the day and everything in between.

3. I Spy Bingo

I Spy Bingo CardSave the above picture and print out a few copies and come up with the things you may see on your road trip. If you know where you are going make them site specific! If not choose license plates, car colors and types, signs, animals or anything that your family is interested in.Prefill these out for your family or let them choose their own spots. Prizes could be choose the radio station for 15 minutes, choose our next pit stop snack, etc…

4. Make your Own Personalized Crossword Puzzle

My kids love puzzles especially when they are a part of the clues. Using Free Crossword Puzzle Creator I can put into 50 words and clues for my kids to figure out. You can make this about your family, about your trip or anything that your family might be into. Here is an example of the one that I have created for my kids.

road trip crossword puzzle

5. Name that Tune

With Bluetooth, satellite radio, our phones and our fm stations the options for music for road trips has never been easier! One of our favorite games is name that tune. If you have a playlist on your phone put in on shuffle and have a blast trying to name that tune. We give points for knowing the artist, the title of the song and for knowing the words. If it songs that maybe your kids don’t know divide up into teams or have them be score keepers. My kids are like my husband and I in the fact that we love a good competition and they love going head to head against each other in good fun!

6. 20 Questions

Now, before I lose you parents…I hear that you don’t want to be asked 20 questions. Most likely on a road trip you have already heard close to 50 before you have made your first pit stop. But, a few years ago my oldest got one of these games in her stocking and now we keep in the console in the car. It is amazing out accurate it gets within its 20 questions. Leave the questions up to this little guy and let your kids be amazed and entertained by it s guessing abilities!

7. Guess Who

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and if that is true than this game really honors your family members. Have everyone in the car pick out a family member and have the kids do an impression of them and have the rest guess who am I. Or make a list of kids favorite characters and let them act it out for guesses. I promise you, that not only will you be entertained but you will get a fun glimpse at how they see others!

8. License Plate Game

License Plate GameI found this awesome chart here The best part of this game is that it has pictures to help the kid without your constant help!

9. Get to Know Me Game

This game let kids do what their little minds are best at, talk about themselves!

1.What makes you happiest?
2.What is your favorite sport to play?
3.What are your three favorite foods?
4.Where is one place you’ve never been that you would like to go?
5.What do you like best quality in a friend?
6.If you could only see five animals at the zoo what would you choose?
7.If you could choose your meals for one day, what would you choose?
8.What is your favorite season? Why?
9.What is your favorite color?
10.If you could trade places with someone for a day, who would it be?

10. The Alphabet Hunt

Start at A and find things that either start with each letter of the alphabet or signs that have your letter on it! The catch on signs is that you can only use each sign for one letter! This road trip game will keep kids busy as well as their eyes peeled out the windows for a long stretch of time!

I hope that you enjoyed our list of the best road trip games for families!

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Feeling all the Feels with Inside Out

Inside Out Felt Playset by A Little Moore

Our family saw Disney’s Inside Out the day that it came out and the kids are already asking when it comes out! Pixar movies have a way with hitting us with all the feels and in a movie all about feelings, it did just that. The kids loved the perspective of how emotions make us feel and interact with each other. It brought up great conversation and it inspired me to make this felt toy bag that was inspired by our favorite new characters: Joy, Anger, Disgust, Sadness and Anger. This bag serves as entertainment for my two year old but it is also a powerful little tool into her mind as she was able to identify with each of the emotions and when I asked her how she was feeling during her first day that she had it she very clearly told me joy and anger. Which, if you have met a two year old especially mine, those emotions could come right after another!

Thankfully, most of the time her feeling is Joy and interacting with my kids after seeing this movie I want Joy to be the emotion they see out of me too!

Inside Out Joy Bow by A Little Moore

Embroidered Kitchen Towels

kitchen towel orders

Last week my friend Erin came over and I made her kitchen towel. We started chatting about kitchen towels and I realized, I have had the same dishtowels as when we got married. It has been 13 years since that happened so it was time for an upgrade! I found the embroidery designs at Urban Threads and I couldn’t wait to get started! I just love embroidered towels and I can’t believe I had not made them for myself sooner!  I love puns and these were hilarious. All the song references remind me of funny times growing up! I cant help but smile every time I use them! If you want some of your own you can order them from me HERE!

Izzy’s Famous Corned Beef Giveaway

When I was approached about trying Izzy’s Famous Corned Beef new menu items, they didn’t have to twist my arm! Their Reuben sandwiches are a personal favorite but I might have some new favorites with the additions to the seasonal menu.

Izzy’s , home of the world’s greatest reuben, is excited to announce the latest addition to its menu, the Pesto Turkey BST (bacon, spinach, tomato).

 The new sandwich features Izzy’s oven roast turkey breast, topped with thick cut, applewood smoked bacon, fresh spinach and tomatoes, dressed with pesto mayonnaise and finished with a toasted telera roll. The Pesto Turkey BST sandwich comes served with Izzy’s new cucumber salad. It pairs perfectly with their tomato basil soup!


Here is a tip, Saturday is Kids Eat Free!

Now, Izzy’s wants one of my readers to enjoy it with a free $25 giftcard

All you have to do is look at their menu at Izzy’s and leave me a  comment on what you want to try! Giveaway open until June 29!

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I received a free gift card in exchange for this post but the opinions are all mine! 

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Kids Bowl Free

When researching our summer bucket list we looked for places that were fun, out of the ordinary and if we were lucky air conditioned! Bowling was a no brainier! I signed up for Kids Bowl Free and within a minute had a free weekly coupon to use (that I did NOT have to print out!) for 2 free games for each of my kids! It even offered a very discounted rate for accompanied adults! 

I can see this quickly  becoming a weekly activity as by game number 2 my kids thought they were pros! Plus, I feel like I need to at least break a score of 100 by the end of the summer!

What adventures have you been up to this summer? 


In my stillest moments which are few and far between sometimes I just listen. Even in commotion, God has a away of separating the chaos and allowing me to hear what he wants to tell me.
Today I heard run. In a moment with kids climbing on me. The sounds of minecraft one one side of me and Peppa Pig on the other there it could have been a clear call from my mom brain that says you need to escape. But, understand the voice of God is to recognize when it isn’t from you and to get confirmation and to ask what it means.
I sat and I listened and the word run felt louder and clearer. It was followed by Run to Me. It wasn’t a call to escape a hectic Monday or to have a mid day escape from mommy hood. It was a real invitation to follow up with the existence that is consistently chasing me.
I spend my fair amount of time problem solving. I can determine dinner recipes by recalling the inventory of my freezer and pantry. I can separate my children from their electronics. I can deduce their physical and emotional needs. I can pick up a room within 15 minutes when my husband calls and says he is on the way home early. I can find friend time at 10 pm on a Tuesday as to not miss out on family time.
But, for two years I have prayed for answers on kindling a kingdom oriented passion. I have cried out in worship. I have journaled my angst. I have confided in people I trust. I have even poured my heart out to people in barely know. 
In the past few weeks I have verbalized my disappointment to my husband. I have lamented as to why is God not using me. How can I go from such a clear ministerial calling to feeling like I have no purpose or passion?
Two weeks ago I had my first aha moment in this quest for passion. I felt God clearly ask me for an act of obedience. It was one that I knew would be met with frustration for my family as it didn’t match the way we were raised. One faith, one baptism. But here I am at 35 and God asks me to go and be baptized. I called my Dad that week and explained that I needed to make a public affirmation of my faith and my Dad listened. We had a discussion on if it was Biblically sound and if my reasons and in the end I felt a clear familial blessing to reaffirm my baptism with immersion. Next month, my Dad will be baptizing myself and two of my children. I could not be more excited to start this new chapter than with them and with my families support.
This aha moment about baptism didn’t allude to what I was supposed to do, feel, be passionate for or how I was supposed to be used to make a difference. But, it did feel like a step that I was ready for and was necessary for whatever this next step is.
Which brings me to today. Run. Run to Him. On a day that my plans are homebound and a call of rain outdoors I am left contemplating what God wants me to do. Does he want more time with me? Does he want me to abandon something?
Abandon. It was the word that has stung me in the past. I have felt abandoned by those I have trusted. I have been a part of places that should have mimicked Jesus love and those places ended up being sources of hurt and I was stuck in a cycle of hurt and in that place sometimes I was the source of hurt. They say confession is good for the soul, confessing that hurts.
But, that is the next word that God gave me. Run to Him, Run to Me. Abandon. Abandon what God? Abandon who? 
In two years, my audible experiences with the Holy Spirit have been countable and it has been hard as it have been accustomed to being that vessel being clear and open. But, today as I sat and listened. Chaos stopped and clear as a bell I am hearing again. Abandon myself. 
What in the world, God? I do abandon myself. What does this mean? I closed by eyes and waited. I was surprised and near happy tears with what came to mind. It was the Phoebe run from Friends.


click photo for link to clip

God is asking me to abandon the way I do things. Because, my way references God but it doesn’t always seek Him first. It is so often my back up plan because my problem solving didn’t give me the desired result. 


You know that mind blown thought that seems to simple but you never thought of yourself and you wonder how ever got by without it.
Well, reckless abandon of my own desires and running like a child unafraid of form or judgement. Full steam ahead into the arms of my savior who not only knows my past and my future but is my author and perfecter ? Why would I not want to be a part of THAT plan. How did pride and my plan creep up and become a priority.

So that was my quiet time today. Maybe this was just for me but perhaps you identify with a piece of this and in that case. Abandon yourself and submit to stance that says your plan will be enhanced and dare I say blessed when you allow yourself to run to your creator and ask Him to design your best life and create purpose that inspires and quenches the cravings that only He can fill. 

Run to Him. He is ready and waiting. 

Avocado and Egg Recipe

Last year I put my my health as a top priority. Within 3 months I lost 30 lbs strictly from clean eating. I went down 4 dress sizes and was feeling incredible. My gut felt good for the first time in years. I am not sure I ever knew what if felt like to feel healthy. But, when the kids started school and my business was booming I found convenience food just easier. I went on medication that skyrocketed my weight. It was a lot of bad habits and unfortunate circumstances that made it really hard to reboot.

But, a few weeks ago I felt like it was the right time to recommit to my health. I have returned back to mostly clean eating. I still drink 2 diet cokes a day and eat pizza once a week. I am not starving myself and I don’t feel deprived.

In 2 weeks I am down 10 lbs. Today I am sharing one of my favorite recipes that is full of healthy fat and protein. 

Your take your avocado and cut in half

Take out the pit and scoop the center slightly to make room for the egg.


I like to put mine in a small Pyrex dish to contain and spills. 

  Add egg and salt and pepper

Pop into a 425 oven for 20-25 minutes depending  on how cooked you like your egg. Just keep and eye on it!
In the end you have a perfectly cooked egg in a warm avocado. The textures compliment each other nicely and the taste is out of this world. 

I love this for any meal of the day. I often make it for dinner due to the prep time and I wake up starving but when In patient enough to make it for breakfast it is filling for the whole morning. 


Strawberry Balsamic Bruschetta 

If you follow me on Instagram then you know my obsession with all things balsamic vinaigrette is strong! We went to friends for dinner last night and needed to bring an appetizer but since this was a husband planned event I didn’t know about this until an hour before hand! 

So quick and easy was the route we were going for and this mixes my favorite flavors in a new way as compared to my normal tomato caprese loving ways.

Take a baguette and slice on the diagonal. Preheat oven to 375. Brush a little olive oil on the sliced bread to toast them up a bit. It takes about 10 minutes to crisp up.

In the meantime slice your strawberries (one package is plenty) and put them in a bowl with a few splashes of your favorite balsamic vinaigrette. Then slice up fresh mozzerella. 

I put the mozzerella on the bread and pop it back in the oven for a few minutes. The goal is not for the cheese to melt but mainly for it to adhere to the bread slightly. It only takes a minute or two!

Take it out and pop it on your serving tray and spoon on your balsamic infused strawberries. Then do a final drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette and you are done.

It is tangy and refreshing and the perfect summer appetizer! 


DIY Truss Beam Table 


Last year my husband suggested that he wanted to have a couple hobby.  He was not interested in taking up crafting but he was into craftmanship. We started with looking at plans and then committed to building a bed. We learned a lot from that project and we were ready for something a bit more challenging. Our precious table was a counter height table for four, not condusive to a family of five. So we found plans for this  Truss Beam Table and decided it was the right one for us.

Armed with plans and our favorite tools we began building! 



We knew this was going to be a few weekends worth of projects due to our schedules and got started.


The table came together quickly but sanding and staining took quite awhile! 


We went for 3 coats of polyurethane on the table which meant sanding after each coat.  

Then several weeks later came benches.

More painting…

And more stain and many coats of poly…


Finally we were able to start putting it together! 

But, finally we have a finished project. A table that will host our family dinners, birthday parties, homework sessions and be something that we can look at with pride because we made it. 

I am thrilled with how it turned out and am looking forward to our next project together.


Grilled Chicken Caprese Salad

 Every once in a while I make something that I can’t get enough of. This salad is one of these things. I have it for lunch and then want it again for dinner. 

Start with your greens. I like baby spinach or a spring mix. Next chop up a small tomato. Add grilled chicken. Then add a few balls of fresh mozzerella. Lastly a few splashes of balsamic! 

It is absolutely summer perfection in a salad! Your taste buds will not be disappointed!