She Used to Smile

   This precious woman is Evelyn. She is single handily responsible for the majority of the fits of laughter that I remember as a child. It makes this point in her life hard for me. Seeing the shell of the vibrant woman she was is rough.  But, today as I ate across from her as […]

Blank Elf on the Shelf Calendar


  Even though I share my Elf on the Shelf calendar every year I know that sometimes you want to plan your own! Here is a copy of the calendar blank for you to mix and match with my ideas or to add some ideas of your own! I would love to see what you […]

Hurting Hearts and Giving Hands

hurting hearts and giving hands

I don’t know about you but the thought of being on Facebook or watching the news has been the last thing I have wanted to do. Seeing footage or Paris, ISIS, Refugees. There is so much hurt and here I sit in my basement sewing happy little Christmas items all while on the verge of […]

Elf Shop Update


   I wanted to give a quick update to the status of orders! I am working as quickly as I absolutely can! But, I am not sacrificing eating and sleeping as I did last year! Orders are taking the projected 3-4 weeks to fulfill. However, I anticipate being done making everything in the next few […]

Elf on the Shelf Outhouse Printable


    After a few years of doing the Elf on the Shelf there are a few things that I have learned. 1. When there is a prop it really elevates the game and kids really respond to it. 2. Potty humor is always funny! Whether they poop marshmallows or chocolate chips the mere mention […]

Why I Don’t Consider Myself THAT Mom


   A few weeks ago I was on Facebook and scrolling through posts and a conversation between a friend of their friends stung me. I wasn’t involved in the conversation and didn’t click to be snoop but when I saw the response I looked back to the convo to see its roots and it was […]

The Restoration of Steph


   The past few months have been a whirlwind for me personally. One year ago, I was busy. Really busy. I ran a handmade shop, I watched kids full time, I tried to run a household and be a wife and to do it all at the same time. I would say that isn’t impossible. […]

10 Minute Fresh Pumpkin Spice Donuts


   Would you believe me if I told you you could have hot fresh donuts in 10 minutes and you probably already have the ingredients in your kitchen?  You will need: A can of refrigerated biscuits Sugar Cinnamon  Pumpkin Pie Spice vegetable oil    The ingredients could not be easier to come by! I bet […]

Finding Dory


Ahhhh!!! I loved Finding Nemo and I am so excited about Finding Dory! Just saying you know where to find me on June 16, 2016. I love that they have the same soundtrack in the trailer as in the original movie! I used to just listen to the credits over and over when we wore […]

Elf Shop Extended for 24 hours!

A Little Moore Elf Shop Extended

All invoices are out, however I have gotten 3 messages today saying they didn’t get an invoice and in looking I don’t have an order for them. I don’t know if there was a glitch or what could have happened but there is no way for me to tell. So, I am opening up the […]