Great Tutorials on my To Do List!

My camera is nekkid and is begging for me to make one of these strap covers! tutorial

Love this pearl and ribbon necklace! tutorial

Must make this DIY Dry Erase Board! tutorial

For the love of mod podge…can’t wait to make one! tutorial

A chalkboard table for my porch….genius! tutorial

Family Rules Canvas, beautiful and my family needs the reminders! tutorial

A Customized Family Tree Wall Vinyl Art tutorial

All are of these are now on my increasingly long crafty to do list!

I have marked a few off of my list! Have these inspired you to make any of your own?

A Room for Baby Sam

With just 8.5 weeks to go until the official due date (if he comes early like the princess we only have about 5 weeks), I was starting to freak out that I wouldn’t finish his room in time. We have had the crib and the bed but it required the room to be painted and for the leftovers from the craft/guest room to find its way out of the space which was much bigger task than I anticipated. So, last week the hubs had a honey do list that was sky high. Paint the room, move things to the basement, move things up from the basement, move furniture, install new lights all while I required frequent back rubs and trips to sonic for coconut cream slushes. So, I know he didn’t have it easy. But, with the exception of the lights being put up, the room is DONE!

Here are the curtains, bed, pillows I made (not the elephant one!) and cute clearance  art is from babies r us

sam nursery1 by you.

The Crib! Yes, it is a bright blue. Despite the horrible season, UK had this year we will bleed blue. The crib bedding and curtains are Circles from Dwell Studio that I got on clearance at Target. You can also see the Chicco Keyfit 30 carseat! Have I ever mentioned my love of carseats?

sam nursery3 by you.

Here is another great clearance art piece from Babies R Us. The Amy Coe collection was 75% off so this alphabet piece was only $10! We decided against a dresser for now and just have the cubed storage unit from Target. The princess has a white one in her room with pink bins. I should have taken a better picture of the rug but it is a tranportation rug which doesn’t really match the whole stripes and polkadot feel of the room but I got it brand new for $6 at a consignment store.

sam nursery2 by you.

The view from the room from the door.

sam nursery4 by you.

Seeing it all done makes me so happy and so anxious for the little man to arrive!

All I want to do is sew…

Yet, I have had no time! This has once again been a crazy week. Instead of having a long drawn out post of how this week has gotten I thought I would list out what I wanted to get accomplished and then the actual events of the week.

To Do:

  • Get my glucose test (the nasty orange drink)
  • Take the princess to preschool
  • Go to work
  • Get Laundry done
  • Get Sam’s room completed
  • Go to bible study/community group
  • Sew…something…ANYTHING!
  • Register the princess for Kindergarten

What really happened this week:

  • Took my glucose test, then passed out and got sick.
  • Got to work and that is where I discovered I was going to be sick
  • Got the princess to school and realized I left her backpack and lunch at home on Tuesday.
  • Laundry still not done
  • Sam’s comforter was too big for the washer so room isn’t complete
  • Got ready for Bible study, but ended up in the ER with the hubs who had kidney stones
  • Realized I made her her kindergarten physical check up for the same time as she was supposed to be at the school registering, oops.
  • Changed appt times and now she is missing school altogether today so we can get all of her appointments in today.
  • Registration is in a few hours….I am 8 months pregnant and I am pretty sure I am going to cry.
  • Sewing hasn’t been in the cards for me this week. Maybe next week will go according to plan.

Nesting and other things I forgot about pregnancy…

It has been five years since I have had a baby so there are so many things about pregnancy that I have forgotten. I didn’t get the urge to nest with the princess until I was on bed rest (not the most convenient time to scrub your baseboards). But, this time around I feel compelled to start now and it goes really well for a few days until I get too tired to do laundry for a few days or leave a dish in the sink and then overnight the mess multiplies (I refuse to believe that 3 of us could really be so messy, it must be reproducing on it’s own) The crib is already up and bedding has been bought and I even bought my first pack of diapers. Yes, it has finally kicked in that this little man is really coming.

I also forgot that that babies can get their feet stuck in your ribs. I am not making this up if you haven’t experienced this. Excruciating pain! I cried when he finally moved after 2 days of being stuck and I also pretty sure that the heavens opened and there was chorus of angels rejoicing with me. That has to be the reason I was humming Ode to Joy for the next day.

But, back to nesting. Today is a catch up day. I need to win the battle of laundry and now that it has been almost 24 hours since I went to the grocery store I don’t have a good excuse why there is still 2 bags of canned and boxed goods still yet to be unpacked. So, since I have a day off I am going to throw all child labor laws to the wind and make the princess help me get this house in order. Wish me luck, because I will most likely need to repeat this process in a week when a nap sounds more exciting than dishes again. It is a vicious cycle.